Personal Accounts
The first and largest digital bank in Taiwan
International awards
Red Dot Design Winner consecutively for 2 years
Years of experience
Inherits Taishin International Bank's abundant service experience
We're driven by our
core  Values
Intuitive to use even for first time digital banking users in Taiwan
We care about your needs, and develop our products solely on the feedback you provide us.
From online to offline, we provide all financial services you need in your everyday life
No hidden fees, only sincere and open information to help make your decision process easy
We take your account and infomation security seriously
We focus on Information security
To decrease transaction risks, Richart uses a high tech prevention systems to defend accounts against fraud/ theft/ hacking. Protection mechanisms include 128bit SSL firewall, motion keyboard, overtime automatic log-out, real time alerts.
Your money is insured by CDIC
By law and under regulation to ensure your rights, Richart has insured your funds with Central Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). If unlikely Richart terminates business, CDIC compensates depositors up to TWD $3 million,including principal and interest.
We're ready to support you
Apply and manage an account
completely online
100+ Taishin bank branches
and 3000+ Taishin ATMs
All English interface and
customer service
Social responsibility and sustainable development are part of our mission
Richart is fully digital, we save million of sheets of paper a year. Other than being friendly to the environement, Richart also makes it easy for our users to be part of the change. We constantly support and run donation campaigns to NGOs and groups that engage in support to stop climate change, help stray animals and advocate equal rights. Richart is a bank of the future, we will take part to make sure there is one.
Let's Build a Future Bank,
Richart will continue providing innovative digital products and services to help thrive
Taiwan's digital bank industry

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