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Thank you for using Taishin Bank website (as the “Website”) or mobile application (the “APP”). Your privacy is highly respected and strictly protected. To help you better understand how we collect, use and protect the personal data you provide on the Website and APP, please read the Declaration of Privacy and Copyright Protection on the Taishin Bank website carefully. This Declaration discloses what data are collected on the Website and APP and how they are used, as well as our user privacy protection policy. If you have any questions regarding this Declaration, please let us know through Taishin Bank's online messaging service. We will reply to you as soon as possible. The Declaration of Privacy and Copyright Protection of Taishin Bank:


  1. Users will not be required to enter personal information (e.g., name, email address) when accessing the Website or APP. The Website or APP will not obtain any personal information without prior knowledge of the user.
  2. Only in special circumstances, such as requesting to use the email service or participating in other activities (e.g., voting, leaving messages), will the Website or APP (or activity partner) ask the user to register their personal information to meet the fairness of the activity, or to facilitate quick contact with the user to provide the best service possible.
  3. All personal data obtained by the Website or APP will only be used for the purposes and scope of use originally outlined in the activity. Unless prior consent is obtained or required by the law and regulations, the Website or APP will not give your personal data to any third party or transfer it for other purposes.
  4. To deliver services that better suit the individual needs of users, the Website or APP may use cookies, the user’s geographic location (where the user has activated geolocation-based services), advertising identifiers, identifierForVendor or other tools enabled by similar technologies (hereinafter collectively referred to as identifying tools) to record, access and collect information on your online behavior and preferences. The data collected will be used to provide “personalized” services for individual users or deliver content (including marketing information) matching interests and preferences of users. The data of online behavior and preferences above include information generated during a user's visit to the Website or APP (including but not limited to IP address, cookie ID and its content, unique identifier, domain name, device information, time of use, browser type, language settings, geographic location, operating system, server records, web search/browsing/click history, usage patterns and information, or tags and other similar data produced by business partners by collecting and analyzing the information above on behalf of Taishin Bank).
  5. The user has the right to cancel or restrict the cookie function in browser settings. If a user chooses to reject all cookies, the user may not be able to use certain personalized services or participate in certain activities. To find out how to cancel or restrict cookies, please contact Taishin Bank by email. Taishin Bank website webpages may contain links to other websites or webpages. Privacy protection of users on other websites or webpages is not related to the Website or APP. If you have questions regarding how the Website or the APP protects user personal data and online privacy, this Privacy Declaration or matters related to personal data, please leave an online message and we will provide a detailed explanation.
  6. Taishin Bank will revise this Privacy Protection Declaration on the Website or APP in response to changes in internal and external conditions (including but not limited to the law and regulations, the latest technologies, and the best privacy protection practices) in order to fulfill the intention of protecting your privacy.
  7. Any amendments to the Privacy Protection Declaration will be posted immediately on the Website or APP, with a clear reminder for you to read.
  8. Taishin Bank reserves all legal right over all contents presented on the Website. No content on the Website may be reproduced, quoted, or made into derivative works in any form by means of electronic, mechanical, photocopying, voice recording or any devices without the prior authorization or consent of Taishin Bank.
  9. Without consent of Taishin Bank, websites may not be unlawfully linked to the Website or APP for marketing purposes.
  10. Users are deemed to agree to this Declaration upon downloading and entering the Richart APP. The access privilege and data collection of related devices are as follows:


Access Privilege



Discount Voucher Store Information Inquiry

Branch/ATM Location Inquiry


Video Customer Service

Facial Recognition

QR Code Transfer

Photo Library

Account Opening

Profile Picture

QR Code Transfer

Screen Data Capture


Chatbot Voice Input


Biometric Verification

Push Notification

Incl. prompts and audio/image tags


Transaction Details

Network Status

Determine if the network connection status is normal



Data Collection


Mobile Phone (model)

Device Login

Identification of Device Used by Customer

Account Information (ID Card Number/Bank Account Number/Bank Card Number)

ID card number is used for identification; bank account number is used for transfer, payment, shared account number; bank card number is used for activating a bank card.

Credit Card Information

Credit Card Payment

Device ID

Device Authentication

User ID/Password

Transaction Confirmation

Device Login

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