Please prepare:

Richart debit card, card reader and computer

Log in and press "Activate your card"
Log in to the Richart Web Bank and press "Activate your card" at homepage.
Enter your card number and choose the service
  • Insert the 16 digits card number on the card
  • Choose if you wish to activate the service of ATM money transfer and abroad money withdraw
  • Complete the mobile verification
If you authenticated your account application by other bank account, you will not be able to active the abroad money withdraw service. Please visit the Taishin bank to upgrade your account and activate this service.
Card Activation Completed

Card activation SUCCESS!

Reminder: Don't forget to take your debit card to the ATM to change the password afterwards. You may find the default pin instruction in the Richart card letter.
  • Must activate your Richart Debit Card through web bank FIRST before you change the card pin
  • Bring your Richart Debit Card and visit Taishin ATM
STEP 1-1
Choose “Language” on the ATM screen
  • Choose language FIRST before inserting the card
  • Press the Language button
Find a Taishin ATM
STEP 1-2
Choose Language
Choose your language preference.
STEP 2-1
Insert the Card
  • Insert your Richart Debit Card and enter the default pin
  • You can find the default card pin on the Richart Card Letter
Reminder: If you forget to choose language before you insert the card, you can still switch language at this step before you enter the card pin.
STEP 3-1
Choose "Change PIN"
Choose "Change PIN" at the homepage.
STEP 3-2
Enter new PIN
  • Enter 6-12 digits new card pin and press confirm
  • Enter the new card pin again
Complete setting Card PIN

New card pin is set! You can use the new pin next time you use the Richart Debit Card. Don't forget to get your Richart Debit card back!

Remember to choose your language every time you use an ATM!
Still have questions?
Find more Richart Debit Card information below.
Don't know how to change
the debit card pin?
Don't forget to active your card before you change the card pin

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