Earn cash on spending in and outside of Taiwan
  • Spend and save at the same time since Richart rewards cash back directly into your account.
  • Earn up to 5% cash back with Mastercard on outside of Taiwan purchases and 0.5% cash back (no limitation) on purchases in Taiwan.
  • Check out Richart Card introduction
Withdraw or deposit money Easily anywhere, anytime
  • Activate your card simply through Richart Web Bank online and use it right away. See how it works
  • Withdraw or deposit money from more than 3000+ Taishin ATM freely, and enjoy 5 free processing fee for inter-bank ATM withdrawals monthly.
  • No more branch visiting. Easily withdraw TWD, USD, JPY, CNY cash from any Taishin ATM anytime.
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Best card to use when you Transport
  • Use Easycard when your travel by MRT, bus, train and high speed rail!
  • Remember to choose debit card with Easycard feature when you apply for an account
  • To make things easier, you can activate the automatic top-up feature on your EasyCard debit card

You will receive your Richart Debit Card within 5 working days of your account being successfully opened. Your debit card will be sent to the address provided when you opened your account.

Log into Richart Web Bank and click on Activate Card. Enter your card number (16 digits on the front of the card). After verifying your phone number, your card will be activated.

※If you are unable to activate your card, please call Richart Customer Service at (02)8798-9088 / 0800-888-800 (press 3 for English service) for assistance.

The default pin is the last 8 digits of your Resident Certificate (ARC) number.

  • This will be issued if you tick the box “debit card with EasyCard function” when you open a Richart savings account.
  • If you already have a Richart VISA card, and would like a Richart debit card with EasyCard function, please apply for a replacement on Richart Web Bank and fill in the form.

If you forget your password or your card is locked, please bring your ID card, bank card and stamp used at the time of opening the account to reset a password at any branch.

※You must leave a signature or stamp at the branch upon the first transaction to facilitate later business at the branch.

※You can change your password at an ATM if your card is not locked.

Receive a High Cashback and Multi-
function Debit Card Now
3 steps to open an account

If there is a new transaction on the statement not recognized by the cardholder, a dispute over a charge or refund from returning goods/services, resulting in a payment, or cardholders who do not meet the terms for cashback but have already received it, Taishin Bank will adjust and debit the amount of cashback from the cardholder's cashback account or deposit account. If the cardholder has no new spending for the month, or there are insufficient funds in the account, the debit amount will be listed as “amount payable”. Cashback is calculated on a “card” basis. The “posting date” (“debit date”) is the day on which the transaction was made by the cardholder. Cardholders who meet the above terms will receive cashback in their corresponding deposit account of their bank card at Taishin Bank before the 10th of the following month (subject to the actual operations of Taishin Bank). Cashback cannot be exchanged for other products and is non-transferable. Cardholders automatically lose eligibility to participate in this promotion if the corresponding deposit account of their bank card at Taishin Bank is canceled, or if they violate the “Richart Card Agreement” before cashback is confirmed. Please note that the cardholder will not be notified of the situation. Taishin Bank reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion and to review the eligibility of cardholders to participate. Matters not covered here are subject to the “Richart Card Agreement”.

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