Richart Foreign Currency Transfer Fee

I. Name: Richart Foreign Currency Transfer Fee

II. Date: January 1st 2024 to June 30th 2024 (GMT+8)

III. Qualification: Richart users who have savings account

IV. Transaction platform: Richart website

V. Description:

- Transfer to “Taishin Bank accounts”: no handling fee.

- Transfer to “other domestic bank accounts”or “foreign bank accounts”: handling fee is fixed and will be charged by the currency (USD 15 / CNY 100 / AUD 20 / JPY 2,000 / EUR 13).

*The transaction fee above is charged by Taishin Bank. Clearing fee and transaction fee of intermediary bank are excluded.

-Available currency to transfer:

1. To Taishin Bank accounts:Richart provides 13 foreign currencies: USD, CNY, JPY, EUR, HKD, AUD, NZD, GBP, CAD, SGD, ZAR, SEK, and CHF.

2. To other domestic bank accounts:5 foreign currencies are accepted to transfer to non-Taishin Bank account. Include: USD, CNY, JPY, EUR, and AUD. *The available foreign currencies depend on receiving banks.

3. To foreign bank accounts:Only USD can be transferred to a foreign bank account via Richart.

VI. Notes on the Offer:

1. The Richart “Foreign Currency Savings Account” referred to in the Fee Standard includes foreign currency savings accounts of Richart digital bank and the foreign currency savings accounts that enjoy the benefits of the foreign currency savings account of Richart digital bank.

2. Benefits of the Fee Standard Offer will be terminated for customers who close their Foreign Currency Savings Account during the period.

3. To use foreign currency transfer service, please make sure you have the Richart foreign currency account.For Type 3 digital savings account holders, please approach the branch counter to upgrade digital account. Click here to find a branch.

4. The minimum transfer to a non-designated account of a non-Taishin account or to a Taishin account not held by the transferrer using a foreign currency savings account via Richart channels is limited to USD50 equivalent per single transfer, subject to a maximum of USD1,500 equivalent per single transaction, USD3,000 per day, and USD6,000 per month.

5. The foreign currency transfer service of Richart does not provide automatic foreign currency exchanges service. Please change the funds into the foreign currency you wish transfer before transferring. To transfer funds to a foreign bank account, please change the funds into US dollars first before transferring.

6. The business hours for transferring funds to “Taishin bank account” via Richart channel are 24/7. The business hour for transferring funds to“non-Taishin bank account in Taiwan”or ”foreign bank account”via Richart channel are 09:00-15:00 on banking days.

7. If you log in Richart channel to use foreign currency transfer service in countries other than Taiwan, the actual transaction time should be subject to the local time in Taiwan.

8. Unless otherwise specified in the Fee Standard, matters not provided are subject to the “General Agreement of Integrated Savings Account Opening and Savings Business for Richart Digital Bank” (including changes or amendments) and terms of the agreement for Richart foreign currency transfers.

9. Applicants should carefully evaluate the risk of currency exchange and possible exchange loss if currency conversion is involved.

10. Richart services are provided by Taishin Bank. Taishin Bank reserves the right to approve, change, or terminate the Fee Standard Offer, and to accept customers to participate in the Offer. Taishin will not accept customers who do not meet the terms of the Offer, or violate the law or statutory restrictions.

11. Any change or termination of the Offer will be announced on the Richart website.

12. The amount of cash bought or sold in CNY each time and the amount of CNY bought or sold by account daily may not exceed CNY 20,000 per person.

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